Who am I?

This is a hobby gone mad! I am not a professional photographer or artist. But with an eye for detail and the simplest of cameras (often just a phone lens), since 2006 I have been capturing Warsaw’s street art in compositions that promote the art work, connect with the surrounding environment and relate to the scenarios that play in my head.

With an open mind, wild imagination and quest for colour, it was inevitable that while wandering through Warsaw’s diverse suburbs, I would quickly connect with its freshest art scene; the street art. We don’t have to condone street art and graffiti but we cannot ignore it. It is a medium of self-expression. In his book, “Wall and Piece” Banksy says, ‘a wall has always been the best place to publish your work’. Like businesses which plaster our streets and buildings with gigantic advertising campaigns, the street artist also wants our attention. The only difference is the motivation. The mind’s journeys can be turbulent, adventurous, funny, nerve-wrecking, inspirational and hilarious, but most of all, the art on the streets of Warsaw will make you feel alive.

Use your imagination; it will take you everywhere.


What I do

Life is a journey… In 2013 I chose Facebook as the wall to go public with three goals; to document my photographs, express my emotional response and to publish a book that would put Warsaw Street Art firmly on the map.

At the end of 2014 I achieved these goals and Wawa Bla Bla the book was realized. I then got a crazy idea to open a shop to display and sell the book and my photography.

I acquired a small premise in the bustling, hip and trendy suburb of Powisle, Warsaw, did some minor renovations and restorations and will be opening 1st October 2015. The shop will offer affordable original art, street art photography, books and gifts.

But I also want to give something back to the street artists who keep on inspiring me; therefore the new goal is to dedicate space in the shop and my time to promoting Warsaw and its talented street artists by way of regular exhibitions.


Street Art and Graffiti

Street Art and Graffiti on the streets of Warsaw photographed by WAWA BLA BLA (Gilly Boelman-Burrows).

Where I am

Our shop is located at Ul. Dobra 15, Warsaw. We look forward to seeing you soon...



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